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Harshad_the_munny by Remjie-Malham Harshad_the_munny by Remjie-Malham
Harshad is up for bids:: [link]

Few days ago horrible thing happened, and a really talented glassblower Kenan Tiemeyer's house burned to the ground. So I decided to auction one of my custom pieces to support Kenan and his family in this hard times.
100% profit from this auction will be transferred to Kenan Tiemeyer's account.

ATTENTION! If you can not bid on this item but still want to support Kenan, please go here: [link]

This is Harshad the munny. I created this piece in summer 2010.
This was my biggest project that far, and it took around 3 weeks to accomplish. All the details are sculpted of Super Sculpey over original 7 inch Munny vinyl toy produced by Kidrobot company ( [link] ). Details are painted with water based acrylics and sealed with few layers of matt varnish for protection. Eyes, claws and fangs covered with glossy seal. All the parts (head and arms) are posable and removable.
This doll is meant for display only and should be handled with care. Do not give it to children, drop or place with another items that can damage paint or chip off sculpted parts.
Harshad the munny is OOAK piece of art that will never be copied or reproduced.
This doll will come in original munny box, each detail will be packed in bubble wrap and separated from the body.
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January 25, 2013
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